10 Characteristics of Successful Chapters

The Ten Characteristics of Successful Chapters was developed as a guideline for Brotherhood Chapter Leaders to help them concentrate on the key things which will maximize the effectiveness of their Chapter meetings. Success of a Brotherhood Chapter should be measured against the stated mission of the Brotherhood of bringing men and boys to Christ, and into a deeper relationship with him.

Men today have many demands on their time. Brothers leaving every Chapter meeting should feel that their investment in time attending the meeting was worthwhile in helping them grow spiritually while bonding with other men.

Successful Brotherhood Chapters share these ten common characteristics. The top ten list has been boiled down to the most important ones as a result of years of analyzing the way the most successful Chapters operate. If you are starting a new Chapter, be sure your meetings are designed to cover all ten characteristics, If your Chapter is already operating, give your Chapter a “check-up”, and implement whatever changes are necessary to cover all ten characteristics.

  1. Interesting well planned meetings at least twice a month with a major spiritual component that start and stop on time. Meetings should be 1 to 2 hours maximum.
  2. It is helpful if the Rector takes an active interest in the BStA and attends the meetings from time to time to encourage the brothers in their mission.
  3. A hot meal as a key part of every meeting – i.e. breakfast
  4. Study and discussion of scripture or other related spiritually oriented material used for the majority of the time of the meeting that will lead men into a deeper relationship with Our Lord that is presented in an interesting way resulting in good discussions of those present. Men need to leave each meeting feeling that they have learned something that will help them grow spiritually.
  5. Rotation of key assignments for each meeting, such as study facilitator, food, calling or e mailing Brothers reminding them of the meeting so that the burden of running the meeting doesn’t fall on one brother (usually the Chapter Director), and that all share in the ownership of each meeting always striving for an interesting and meaningful meeting.
  6. Active prayer (confidential) list, and prayer support for members in need.
  7. Ongoing service projects, identified with the Brotherhood, that will attract other men (not Brotherhood members), to participate. Have at least one service project that is aimed at helping persons with needs. Planning for service projects should be done outside of the regular meetings, and a status report is given during the chapter meeting.
  8. An atmosphere during the meeting that encourages participation in confidential discussions, sharing ones current life or faith challenges, promoting bonding. and fellowship.
  9. Solid commitment of the four elected Chapter officers in planning and executing meetings that will attract new & retain existing members.
  10. Active recruitment of new members, and including youth (sons or grandsons) in the Chapter meetings. Having interesting meetings are necessary to attract and retain visitors who may be interested in becoming Brotherhood members.


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