Starting A New Chapter

  1. Any man interested in starting a Brotherhood Chapter in his church should first contact the Brotherhood Diocesan Coordinator to discuss the best procedure for starting the new BStA Chapter, and learn how the Diocesan Coordinator can be of assistance.
  2. After getting the support of two or three men in your church, talk with the Rector about starting a Brotherhood Chapter, and get his approval to have a meeting of men to present the Brotherhood’s ministry to men. The purpose of the meeting will be to determine the level of interest in starting a Chapter.
  3. Place an article in the Church bulletin inviting all men in the church to an informational meeting about the Brotherhood, usually on a week night at 7 PM lasting 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Call as many men as possible prior to the meeting urging them to attend in order to learn about the Brotherhood’s ministry to men and  boys.
  4. Make arrangements with the Brotherhood Diocesan Coordinator to attend the meeting making a presentation on the Brotherhood’s ministry. The presentation usually consists of a Power Point or Video presentation. A sample Power Point Presentation is located here.
  5. At the informational meeting, which the Rector should also attend, ask the Rector to say a few words indicating his support in getting a Chapter started in the Church. Then ask how many men would be interested in becoming charter members of the new Chapter. Assuming, at least 4 men indicate their interest, elect the four Chapter officers, Director, Vice Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. Then have all sign the Brotherhood application form, attach checks, have the Rector sign, and then mail the new Chapter application to the Brotherhood Central Office.
  6. The Brotherhood Central Office will acknowledge, approve the application, and mail a box of material in approximately two weeks. The material will include Brotherhood label pins, devotional handbooks, and printed materials to assist the new Chapter Director, and his leadership team in operating the new Chapter effectively. The Diocesan Coordinator can be of assistance in showing the best way to use the new printed material, and should be contacted when it arrives.
  7. Contact your Rector, and the Brotherhood Diocesan Coordinator to schedule the installation of the new Chapter during the announcement period of a Sunday service shortly after the Brotherhood materials arrive, which is usually two to three weeks after the application is mailed.
  8. Using the materials sent to you by the Brotherhood Central Office, and the assistance of the Diocesan Coordinator, schedule the first Chapter meeting. The Diocesan Coordinator should be present during the first two or three Chapter meetings to act as a consultant to help the Chapter get off to a good start.
  9. The leadership team (new officers) should study the typical agenda, and suggested guidelines for Brotherhood Chapter meetings, and then review it with all members. Then the guidelines, and typical agenda should be followed for not only the first meeting, but all subsequent Chapter meetings.

The Chapter director, and his leadership team, can always ask for advice or assistance from the Diocesan Coordinator when they feel it is needed.

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