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Toler Elementary Visit

Below is the Principal’s email response after some of the Holy Trinity – Garland Brothers helped to introduce the Passport to Manhood program yesterday at Toler Elementary. She also attached a “Thank You” picture (Below).  (See Post on 10/29/17)

“Pleased doesn’t even begin to describe it! Thank you all so much for literally investing in our future! The guys were so proud. We had one who kept playing with his tie and it came un-sewn and he spent his free time today sewing it back with my little sewing kit! We had another who walks home and he was waiting for his mom after school across the street and I told him how handsome his tie, which he kept clean the whole day even with Nacho Thursday, made him look and he just lit up and sat a little taller! Truly your actions are just a small part of the witness you have been called to do, that will help instill the power of change that they may achieve regardless of their current situations. Thank you!”

Mrs. Valerie Nobles, Principal

Ettie E. Toler Elementary School

Toler Elementary Thank You to Brothers

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